Gog.is - the simple url slapper and forwarder

Ever felt like slapping someone with a google search, while in an IM conversation, chatrooms, or on Twitter? simply write http://gog.is and put the keywords in the url, like this: http://gog.is/clerks. This will redirect them to the google search for clerks.

So the next time someone asks you how to remove spyware on their windows box, tell them to http://gog.is/remove,windows,spyware.
Or simply http://gog.is/install+ubuntu.

You can even write http://gog.is/what/is/love.

NEW: Statistics!

To see statistics for your search, simply put a + sign at the end of your gog.is expression E.g. http://gog.is/clerks+ to see the statistics for the search http://gog.is/clerks

Twitter search

Type e.g. http://gog.is/twitter:@veronica to do a twitter search.
http://gog.is/twitter:tag:followfriday for a hashtag search.
Short form is http://gog.is/t:keyword and http://gog.is/t:t:tag

Prefixes, making life even easier

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Created by MrCalzone.

Also check out tagdef.com - defines twitter tags

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